Sydney, Australia

Bio: Love sport and politics, but hate how many people follow politics the way they follow sport, I especially hate the way modern political journalism emulates sports coverage, politics is way to important to be covered in a 'who's up, who's down, high school cafeteria popularity contest' style that Maureen Dowds is the absolute worst at. I support Labour, am a member of the Australian Labor Party, but will challenge them when I think they are wrong. For example, Corbyn must go, and if any self-titled progressive questions how any Conservative can support Trump, yet they themselves support Corbyn they are just awful hypocrites. Western Liberal Democracy for all its faults is the best system we have yet come up with to govern ourselves and defending that is far more important that party solidarity. This is why the modern conservative movement must be fought, but also why its imperative we do no fight them by embracing the worst of their tactics, hence why Corbyn being defeated is nearly as important as defeating Trump and the Brexiteers

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