Sydney, Australia

Bio: I am a fan or world sport. I love my Australian teams, Hawthorn in the AFL (Aussie Rules), Sydney Roosters in the NRL (Rugby League) & I also love the team from the town of my birth Stoke City in the English Premier League. Finally I also have adopted all the Washington sports franchises in the US Pro Leagues due to me perusing the sports section of the Washington Post after reading the opinion pages. This leads to my other love which is politics. However I do not love the 'pick a team and support them like they are your sports team' nature of modern politics. We in the West face real issues at the moment and standing on the red or blue side and screaming at each other is not going to fix them. Frankly I believe the Republicans are most responsible for the poisonous nature of today’s politics but I fear the Democrats are following them down to the bottom and with the rise of China I fear for the West. The GOP has completely sold its soul to the wealthy special interests and instead of taking this opportunity to go and take complete ownership of the vast middle ground in US politics the Democrats have gone running for the money from the issue based special interests rather than embracing pragmatic fiscal policies and being the party of Adults. Because of this I fear for my future. I am a Clinton Democrat and I fear that I may be the only one left.

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